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George J. Smith III, an accomplished advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and a dynamic leader in promoting diversity and inclusion. With a strong background in community organizing and a deep commitment to social justice, George has been a driving force in advancing the cause of LGBTQ+ equality in Oakland and beyond.

As the newly appointed President of Oakland Pride, George brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization. His years of service and dedication to the LGBTQ+ community and Bay Area Community have earned him widespread respect and admiration. George’s advocacy work extends beyond LGBTQ+ rights, as he actively collaborates with various community organizations to address intersectional issues and create a more inclusive society for all. His leadership skills and passion for social change make him an invaluable asset to Oakland Pride, where he continues to drive positive transformation and inspire others to join the movement for a more equitable world.

George Jeffery Smith III, Board President

Human Services Agency of San Francisco

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