As the city of Oakland grows so does its LGBT community.  As Oakland’s LGBT community evolves, so too does the Oakland Pride weekend.  This year’s festivities will include a new addition to the weekend’s official lineup, the Oakland Pride 5K, taking place on the morning on Saturday, September 10th. 

Hosted by The Queer Gym and local retailer Oaklandish, the Oakland Pride kick-off event will be the first run sanctioned by the Oakland Pride committee and will provide activities for the entire family.  Enjoy every step to the finish line while DJ Mackswell keeps the music going and local community partners man the water stations with fun shenanigans.

“The lake is sexy.  The people out here are sexy.  Oakland is hot and its diversity encompasses all ethnicities as well as shapes and sizes and ages.  This is the perfect atmosphere to highlight the Oakland Queer sexy community we have out here”, proclaims organizer Nathalie Huerta.  “Oakland Pride is just a one-day event.  We wanted to work with the Oakland Pride organization to make it a little bit longer and give a weekend feel to it and provide another option.  The Sunday festival is a fun party environment but what if you aren’t into the party aspect?”

“Oakland Pride is proud of our long history of promoting equality, civic involvement and responsibility within Oakland and neighboring communities,” said David Helton, Oakland Pride Board Member. “Six years strong, our Board of Directors is thrilled to expand our weekend celebrations with The Queer Gym and Oaklandish, two organizations that have continuously given back to our local community.”

“We want you to run, walk, skip, crawl, vogue, or sashay.  Whatever gets you across the finish line”, Huerta says with a snap.  “I want people to get OUT.  Be out about who you are but also just get out and enjoy the beauty we have here in Oakland. It’s important we don’t make this event about the fitness elite.  There’s a social aspect to fitness that we want to highlight.” 

All profits from the event will not only benefit Oakland Pride directly kbut also numerous 501c3 charities representing Oakland’s LGBTQI community.  The organizers of the event have yet to select which groups would be beneficiaries and are hoping to hear from the participants as to who they would like to see those proceeds going to.  “I’m thrilled that we already have our break-even numbers of over 200 people that signed up during our early bird registration.  Now we get to watch the dollars we will be able to distribute grow as we get closer to the event.  It’s exciting to see for our first year.”

Nathalie Huerta is the founder/owner of the queer gym, the nation's first and only facility dedicated to the lgbt community.

Nathalie Huerta is the founder/owner of the queer gym, the nation's first and only facility dedicated to the lgbt community.

Oakland Pride 5K registrations are available at through August 31st. Over 250 community members have already purchased tickets and another 200 are expected to register by the end of the month. Tickets are on sale for $25 during advanced registration and $30 on-site. A celebration on the grounds follows, featuring lively music, exciting giveaways and the opportunity to meet numerous local organization